DSEGenset Controllers

DSEGenset® is an intelligent range of single-set and multi-set generator control solutions, mains (utility) protection relays, lighting tower control solutions, digital automatic voltage regulators (AVR's), remote communications devices and expansion modules.

Each range has been designed and manufactured by our industry leading experts to deliver a range of features and benefits that set new standards across the industry.

DSEGenst Controller types

  • Manual & Auto Start Control Modules
  • Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules
  • Load Sharing & Synchronising Control Modules
  • DC/Hybrid Generator Control Modules
  • Digital Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
  • Mains (Utility) Protection Relays
  • Lighting Tower Control Modules
  • Remote Communications & Overview Displays
  • Expansion Modules


  • Less wiring and components
  • Less engineering and programming
  • Cost saving commissioning
  • Remote monitoring reduced call-out costs of service engineers
  • History 100+ records based on running hours
  • Hybrid binary inputs and outputs module – simple way of extension the unit performance
  • SMS on alarm/event
  • Direct communication with EFI engines
  • Perfect price / performance ratio
  • Excellent configurability enables users to customise to the needs of their application
  • Option to read information from ECU
  • Power management over various engines from different producers
  • Configurable protections
  • Optional set the frequency by step 0,1 Hz
  • Choice of communication options ensures easy remote supervising and servicing
  • Optional redundant 'hot standby' controller guarantees uninterrupted generator control in case of failure of the primary controller
  • Built-in PLC functions remove the need for an external PLC controller
  • Perfect price/performance ratio
  • Gen-set performance log for easy problem tracing
  • Blackout start of engines
  • Running of SPI and SPtM applications without dongle